Tower of Time Special Update

Tower of Time Linux
Tower of Time Linux

Tower of Time Special Update will come soon and this is important updates that are being requested by the players itself.

We are finishing localization to German and Polish at the moment. We expect to launch German language on Monday or Tuesday – it had been intense work and possible only with the help of the community. We are very grateful for your support. Polish language most likely will follow few days after.

Together with German we will launch Patch #3 with another round of changes and improvements, as requested by You. In addition to minor combat balance changes, there are also few bigger improvements: 

  • Ability to craft rings and amulets
  • Ability to craft pistols from Blacksmith Tier 3
  • Scaling of the rewards depending on difficulty. That includes amount of gold and crystals — as well as unique items received as a reward from combat or challenges. Now, when you kill Shade on Epic, the reward will be worthy of your sweat and blood.
  • Dusty Scrolls – complete change of the mechanics. They will now split into Lesser and Greater Scrolls. The effect of the scroll will be clearly noted. Lesser Scrolls will have always a small positive effect while Greater Scrolls will have a major positive but also a small negative effect.

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