Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Feral GameMode 1.1 Benchmark

Feral GameMode 1.1 Benchmark and when we go back to the latest comparison that we did here, we get average 26.4 fps, minimum 9.3 fps and maximum was 34.8 with different setting though you can see there….

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Benchmark Linux

Feral GameMode Test

We are excited to know how much difference Feral GameMode Test will bring us in games so we did a benchmark comparison with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided excellent benchmarking. We set the Resolution to 3840×2160: And…

NVIDIA Linux 396.18 Diagram Results

NVIDIA 396.18 BETA Driver Benchmarking

The new NVIDIA 396.18 BETA Driver is here and we have decided to do some benchmarking and compare it to “older” versions so in this test we will be using Unigine Heaven and Superposition. All benchmarking…

Superposition NVIDIA 387.22

Performance with NVIDIA 387.22

                Like we just announced the new NVIDIA driver is updated to version 387.22 and we have done a quick benchmark with Superposition again to compare 387.12 in previous test….


NVIDIA driver 387.22 released

                A new version of the NVIDA driver is released with version 387.22 We will come back with some benchmarks with this new driver: Release highlights since 387.12:…

Intel Core i7 8700K Linux Benchmarks

Intel Core i7 8700K #Linux Benchmarks has now been posted by Phoronix with interesting results for #LinuxGamers who is looking for a new setup.  We can se comparisons also with Ryzen so check it out here!

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