DXVK 0.60

DXVK 0.60 is here with more improvements for Linux gaming on Wine. Improvements Initial support for 64-bit floating point instructions (#216) Improved context flush behaviour for games which use queries incorrectly (#348) Frostpunk: Fixed severe…

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AntVentor Linux

AntVentor now available on Linux

AntVentor now available on Linux and this is a very cute and good looking game with good feedback. You can find it on Steam and on Humble Bundle for Linux. AntVentor is a point &…


Steam Summer Sale is Now Here!

Steam Summer Sale is Now Here! and while you maybe enjoying the summer Steam is teasing with a bunch of Linux games right now on Sale ! Find here many games on Linux now from…

Audio Linux

PulseAudio 12.0 Updated

PulseAudio 12.0 Updated, and have a few important improvements for audio on Linux. Better latency reporting (and hence better A/V sync) with the A2DP bluetooth profile Much more accurate latency reporting for AirPlay devices Fixed…


Hostil Update 1.06

Hostil Update 1.06 is here and have some improvements. – Steam achievements! – Graphics improvements. – German, Russian and French translation. Some players asked us for achievements for Steam, so we created 12 achievements synchronized…



The Long Dark VIGILANT FLAME is released and got many updates and game play! Hushed River Valley is a multi-leveled Region that connects to Mountain Town, extending some of the same difficult terrain you see…

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