Portarius Linux

A quick look at Portarius for Linux

A quick look at Portarius for Linux that was released on Steam 26 Apr, 2018. Its a simple addictive game where click to bounce out of many different levels. Open a portal and begin your journey!…

Logitech G633 in Linux

Logitech G633 in Linux. Does it work?

Logitech G633 in Linux. Does it work with usb? Well that’s the question we like to find out. Logitech G633 is a RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset and comes with a software that does not support Linux….

Tower of Time Linux Review

Tower of Time Linux Review

Its time for a Tower of Time Linux Review that has just been released 12 Apr, 2018. This game had had Linux support for a long time but in early access, so its time to see how…

RUINER Linux Beta

RUINER Linux Beta Review

Its been a long time since RUINER got our attention and we have been following the updates and here is the RUINER Linux Beta Review at last! RUINER was released on Windows on 26 Sep, 2017 and…

The Station

The Station Linux Gaming Review

This time we are looking at the sci-fi mystery game The Station that was released 20 Feb, 2018 on SteamOS Linux. We will also testing this game in 4K resolution to see the performance. The…

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