The Wine Staging release 2.18 is now available

The Wine Staging release 2.18 is now available with some #LinuxGaming updates mostly for #Origin / #UPlay/ What’s new in this release: Support for ECDSA certificate chains. Vsync handling for d3d10/d3d11. Various smaller bug…

JYDGE is here

JYDGE is here on #Linux and enter Edenbyrg. Get out alive. Build your own cybernetic JYDGE in this lawful-but-awful roguehate top-down shooter where you get to eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg.

Mad Max and Dying Light on Sale

Dont have Mad Max on #Linux? You can get it now on sale for 75% off from Bundle Stars! Dying Light is also on sale from Steam with 50% off so open your wallets now and…

Razer and The Linux Corner

Razer seems to focus a little on #Linux and even opened a dedicated The Linux Corner in their forum. It seems they having minds on a Razer Blade with Linux Is this a step towards open…


NVIDIA 387.12 Linux Beta Driver

NVIDIA 387.12 Linux Beta Driver is here with many updates and that includes Vulkan. Release highlights since 384.90: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the “Reset Default Configuration” button in the nvidia-settings “ECC Settings” page…

Fedora 27 beta is released

Fedora 27 beta is now released which have many news like GNOME 3.26 etc and many more improvements. Final release as of this date is set 2017-11-07

LiveWallpaper animated OpenGL wallpaper

LiveWallpaper is something that can be fun sometimes and want to enable it on Linux? What you need is LiveWallpaper which can be download for Ubuntu repos or also from source to compile. Replace your boring…

Vampires! Released October7

Vampires! is an interesting puzzle with an unusual idea mostly made for kids. Play as a hunter for human lives and help feed your pet. In this case, try not to perish yourself.  

Feral Interactive‏ teaser

Feral Interactive‏ is teasing us again with and can it be Tomb Raider?? O VAIN ILLUSION OF GLORY AND GRANDEUR A dusty screen flickers to life; eerie bleeps fill the air. Mac and Linux signals…

cpu-z for Linux with I-Nex

Are you looking for cpu-z for Linux? Well its not really available but there is another tool called I-Nex that is having almost the same functions. This is how it looks like and can be download through repositories…

Linuxplayers are LIVE!
Linuxplayers are OFFLINE

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