Is it over Desura?

Desura a well known indie game site that has a lot of different games online, including Linux games. There was a announcement May 27 2015 about sickness. But still today no other news is out,…


Windows 10 vs. Linux Gaming Benchmarks

A well known Linux site Phoronix has today done a fresh updated graphics and gaming benchmark tests.  The tests are not done yet so if you want to add comments etc. please do so and…

Trine 3 is here for Linux

After a little waiting finally Trine 3 is released for Linux on SteamOS. This is you chance to get it this weekend with a 50 % off sale on Steam. ” Changelog v1.10 (build 3080)…


Rust first with Item Stores

Steam premiers Item Stores with Rust. Selling also can be done in the Community Market, so more to come very soon on other games. Read more on Steam.

Razer Nabu X

Gaming and Exercise with Nabu X

As we all know we need to have some kind of exercise to stay healthy. It kind be kind of hard to know how long we must walk etc. to be in the “green” zone….

Payday 2

Payday 2 delayed

Payday 2 was expected to be released this fall 2015. But now Steam has changed it to: “PAYDAY 2 will be available on SteamOS and Linux in Q1 2016.” Again another Linux and SteamOS game…

Fedora 23

Fedora 23 released today

After a short delay finally Fedora 23 will be released today. Many new updates so its a huge release. Read more about Fedora 23. Fedora is a great Linux distribution if you want the latest…

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman™: Arkham Knight Warner Bros. offers refunds

The problems does not seems to end for Batman™: Arkham Knight on PC. Warner Bros. offers refunds now for the PC version: “Announcement on Refunds We are very sorry that many our customers continue to be unhappy…


24 or 27 inch monitor for gaming?

Its time to have a short look at monitors today. We will not this time look at 4K monitors, that will come later on. We will compare 24″ or 27″ inch monitors for gaming which is…

Razer Cortex

Steam in the top on Cortex

Cortex is a name of a service from Razer where best deals are listed. You can access Cortex through the web and is also available for download, but not for Linux. Most interesting is that…

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